The Shankill GAA Nursery focuses on a series of fun based exercises where children between 4 to 6 years old develop movement and motor skills in a safe environment with their friends.  The emphasis is on fun, involvement and then skills.  We we pride ourselves in catering for children of all abilities.  Our coaches are parents of young children so they understand that kids learn best by trial and error. Consequently the focus is on creating a positive environment through praise and encouragement.

Where and when: The Nursery is held on Saturday mornings between 10am – 11am during term time.  During the winter period we move indoors to St Laurance College, Loughlinstown and will remain there until the end of February 2018. At all other times the nursery is held at our pitch in Stonebridge Road Shankill which located close to both St Anne's and Rathmichael  National Schools in the heart of Shankill.

The Cost: The cost is €2 for each child per session and is on a pay as you go basis with the funds used to reinvest in the equipment and hall rental for the nursery. There is no annual subscription. 

Typical session:  Each session typically consists of 4 or 5 training stations which are designed to develop the children’s;

- Movements skills (agility, balance, coordination, running and jumping skills); and
- Motor skills (throwing, catching and passing, kicking and striking skills on the player's ability to play with and manipulate a ball)

These skills are the basis for later development of the specific skill of Hurling Camogie and Gaelic Football.
Everyone is welcome simply turn up at Stonebridge Road at 10.00am any Saturday morning and give the Nursery a try.  For more information please contact us on our facebook page ShankillGAA or you can email us at


So why don't you download the "sign up sheet" below and come along next Saturday morning? 

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11 Feb 2017, 04:01